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"I progressed faster then I thought I would due to the professional guidance from Josh and his team."
Apr 23, 2018
"Friendly Persuasion: Jeffrey Huesser reminds me of the movie "Friendly Persuasion". He is caring of the patient. He interacts with the patient to form a relationship. He tenderly taps into their personality. He let me be me. I can be gregarious and a complainer at the same time. Jeffrey has the tenacity to encourage the patient to try an activity. If it doesn't work, he has other alternatives. I really enjoyed Jeffrey and David, his assistant. "My Motto: If you've met the patient halfway, the battle is almost accomplished" Jeffrey Huesser"
Apr 11, 2018
"I just wanted Jeff Huesser to know that I am so glad that I attended Physical Therapy in Biloxi. I am currently working in Singapore and I am feeling strong, due to the great care that was given at Physical Therapy Center of Biloxi. Thank you so much!"
Mar 28, 2018
"I am very pleased with the physical therapy which with the awesome help of the all physiotherapist helped me to fight my pain of my low back. The treatment met my needs and was exactly what I need it. Everybody was very helpful and I was looking forward to come to my appointments. Thank You! "
Feb 22, 2018
"I'm very pleased with the service I have received. Lauren and staff were very caring of my needs. It's time to go dancing!Thank you!!!"
Feb 22, 2018
"Thanks for all of the help and patience!! Thank you for all the many years of care at both locations. Jeff Rocks!"
Feb 05, 2018
"Very satisfied great job helping people recover. "
Jan 31, 2018

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