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The WorkReady!TM on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation program is designed to assist you in reaching your maximum potential to return to work. As part of the rehabilitation program, your doctor may prescribe work conditioning. Work conditioning will simulate your work activities to help you regain the ability to perform the tasks related to your job.

Most people who enter the work conditioning program have lost the ability to perform at full capacity (become deconditioned), making it difficult to do tasks associated with their occupation. By the time you complete the work conditioning program, we hope to have you in the condition required to perform your work activities.


WorkReady!TM currently provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation services on-site at Huntington Ingalls. Immediate post-injury, early intervention services for musculoskeletal disorders, post-operative care with transition to work condition program, as required. Our work conditioning program is 4 hours daily, 5 days per week and includes instruction in function, strengthening, range of motion, job simulation and patient education.

Once a patient is discharged from the WorkReady!TM program, our occupational therapist accompanies the employee back to their work station for on-site job coaching. This helps to ensure that the employee is utilizing all principles learned in the work conditioning program.

If you are interested in having us come out to do a workplace analysis for you, contact us at (228) 872-6821.

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