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Physical Therapy Center of Ocean Springs • Biloxi • Gulfport prescriptionpad

Physician or Referring Provider,

To the right is a downloadable PDF copy of the Physical Therapy Center of Ocean Springs and Biloxi prescription pad. Please use at your convenience for your patients.

In most cases patients are scheduled within 24-48 hours of calling. The physical therapist will send you a full written report on your patient within 24 hours of first seeing the patient. Information included will be history, objective findings, assessment, type of treatment, and treatment frequency.

Helpful information on the prescription for therapy include:

  • Weight bearing restrictions for post-surgical and post -fracture patients
  • ROM restrictions for post-surgical patients
  • Degrees of resistance allowed for post-surgical patient (e.g.: active, passive or resisted)
  • Expected limits in ROM if any, for a final outcome on a post-surgical patient
  • Type of surgical procedure and/or type of internal fixation used
  • Diagnostic testing results, if known
  • Diagnosis/ICD-10 Code and Patient phone number

The patient will be periodically re-evaluated and updated reports will be sent. Frequency of reports will depend upon the chronicity and nature of the problem. Re-evaluation and reports will also be sent prior to any follow-up visit you have scheduled with the patient. If you would like reports or updates more frequently and/or verbally, please call or write it on your referral.

In general, our reports are faxed or hand delivered by the patient so that they are there on a timely basis. If we aware of the patient’s follow up date with you, this will be noted on the transmission sheet of the fax referral form in order to alert your office staff that the report shoulder be given to you.



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