WorkReady!™ is a comprehensive and proactive prevention, rehabilitation and wellness program for employers, employees and insurance companies. WorkReady!™ provides injury prevention expertise in the areas of ergonomics, physical demands analysis, work place best practices, OSHA compliant safety and first aid, job coaching and early symptom intervention.

For injured workers, WorkReady!™ offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, work conditioning, functional capacity evaluations, impairment rating recommendations and education to facilitate successful return to work. Additionally, overall wellness programs are offered to assist employers in developing a healthier workforce. WorkReady!™ utilizes an approach to its rehabilitation services that mirrors the sports medicine model of care delivery. In the way that sports medicine tries to keep athletes on the field, the goal is to keep the industrial athlete on the job through proper training and injury prevention. When injuries do occur, early intervention is the focus so that the injured industrial athlete returns to work as soon as possible.

The aim of each line of service from WorkReady!™ is to prevent injuries, improve worker function and productivity and reduce workers’ compensation costs.

WorkReady!™ is an occupational health and safety services company with an established track record of helping employers decrease and maintain reductions in workers’ compensation costs. Services have been provided in a multitude of areas of industry. These areas include but are not limited to: manufacturing, gaming industry, construction, power production and ship building.

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